How to delete a Virtual Container Host

I have already discussed creating a Virtual Container Host in this previous post but what do you do if you want to delete one and recreate it or just delete it permanently?

Firstly you should not stop or delete the Virtual Container Host or vApp directly from vCenter. Actions on the Virtual Container Host (VCH) should be carried out by the vic-machine command line utility that was used to create the VCH.

It is a simple enough process to remove the VCH and it involves the command below. Remember the thumbprint that is used is that of the SSL certificate of your vCenter as specified in the –target parameter.

$password = Read-Host 'What is your Password?'

d:\bin\vic\vic-machine-windows.exe delete `
--target "https://dartagnan.home.lab/home.lab" `
--user "eamonn@home.lab" `
--password $password `
--name "VCH01" `

Assuming the command executed successfully you will have an output similar to below.

VCH Successful deletion

There is a caveat to this mind you. if you are using a volume store it won’t delete this by default unless you use the –force parameter.

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