VMWare SSL Certs

This is a simple enough issue but one that annoys me as I don’t like getting SSL errors. As much as it annoys me I never get round to actually sorting it out so I have finally gotten around to tidying up the SSL errors on both my vCenter and ESX nodes.

When you log into vCenter https://<vcenter-hostname>/ without the vsphere-client, you have the option to download Trusted Root CA Certs.

Download, and extract the zip file. There will be a folder for your OS of choice; Windows, Linux or Mac. Browse to the correct folder and there will be 2 certificates.

One Security certificate and one Certification Revocation List. Double click on the Security Certificate.

Click install cert and follow the wizard along.

When you get the option, choose to place the certificated in a specific store. Choose the Trusted Root Certificate Authority store as shown above.

Click next and finish.

Some browsers have their own stores such as Firefox and Chrome. The Root CA Cert will need to be installed in those too.

In Firefox, on the right hand side of the URL bar, click on the 3 lines that opens the menu.

Choose Options from there.

Click on advanced and certificates as shown above.

Click on Authorities and then import. Again choose the security cert and import.

In Chrome, click on the 3 dots to the right of the URL bar.

Choose settings from the menu.

Scroll down on the settings and choose advanced.

Scroll down further and choose Manage Certificates.

Choose Trusted Root certificate Authorities and import the correct cert.

You may need to restart your browser but once that is done the SSL errors should be solved.

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